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Natural wood is is perfect for aquascaping and training plants and moss on.  It needs a little prep-work before it can go in the aquarium as you have to let it soak in water to allow the tannins to leach out.  Tannins are natural compounds found in wood (and lots of other things like coffee, tea, wine etc) and in bogwood it is what causes the gingery-brown tinting in the water if you haven't soaked it for long enough.

Need help choosing?  We are always happy to help you choose by sending photos of the actual pieces we have in stock at the time - just contact us and tell us what size and shape you're hankering after and we'll see what we can find for you.

How long should you pre-soak it?

It varies from piece to piece, but anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks.  Submerge it in a bucket of water (just normal tap water is fine) and change the water every day.  You'll know it's safe to add to your aquarium when it's stopped making the water in the bucket teabag-coloured!

Does it affect the water?

The brown-tint isn't harmful at all, in fact it is similar to the 'blackwater' conditions some South American fish experience in the wild.  The tint can be removed easily by adding activated carbon to your filter as this absorbs the tannins.  Tannins form from tannic acid, so in time this can make your aquarium pH acidic - test regularly and add a buffer if you notice a drop in pH.