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UV Filters

Vitronic UVC Clarifier

Vitronic UVC Clarifier
Vitronic UVC Clarifier
Vitronic UVC Clarifier
Vitronic UVC Clarifier
Vitronic UVC Clarifier

Vitronic UVC Clarifier

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The OASE Vitronic range offers a compact Ultra Violet Clarifier which can be added in-line into any filtration system.  The simple pipework arrangement means installation is just a matter of connecting two hoses and wiring it in!  The kit comes complete with the UV bulb and fittings.  Maintenance is really easy - with just the press of a button and a twist of the wrist you're in!  The larger models have a viewing window so you can see whether the bulb is working.

How does it work?

Concentrated Ultra Violet radiation nukes suspended algae cells as they are pumped past the UV bulb, which damages the cells and makes them clump together.  This means the clumps get sieved out by your filter sponges next time they go through the filter.  The UV radiation also kills bacteria and other pathogens so it can be a useful weapon in the arsenal against parasites and disease in fish.

Technical Information:

Vitronic 11 W Vitronic 18 W Vitronic 24 W Vitronic 36 W Vitronic 55 W
Dimensions (mm) 330 x 120 x 100  529 x 186 x 130 660 x 155 x 130
Power Consumption 14 W 18 W 24 W 36 W 55 W
Power Cable Length


UVC Power 11W 18 W 24 W 36 W 55 W
Inlet Connection Multi-stage Hosetail (mm) 19-25-32-38  25-32-38
Outlet Connection Multi-Stage Hosetail  19-25-32-38 25-32-38
Max flow rate 1700 l/h 3500 l/h 4500 l/h 6000 l/h 8500 l/h
Max Ornamental Pond Size     (litres) 10,000  20,000  25,000 40,000 60,000
Max Fish Pond Size (litres) 5000  10,000 12,500 20,000 30,000
Max Koi Pond Size (litres) 2500  5000 6500 10,000 15,000
Guarantee 2 Years
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