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Underwater Filters

Spare Impeller Rotor OASE Filtral UVC

Spare Impeller Rotor OASE Filtral UVC

Spare Impeller Rotor OASE Filtral UVC

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We keep in stock or can order in a range of spare impellers and rotors for the OASE Filtral UVC filters

How do you know if an impeller is broken?

It's different for different types of pump, but usually the first you know of it is that the water stops pumping or really slows down, or the pump makes a rattling sound.  When you take the impeller out (after turning the power off of course!) it might look obviously  misshapen or have blades missing.  The damage could also be more subtle: if you hold the metal barrel tightly in one hand and try to turn the blades in the other hand, the blades should turn slightly then lock.  If they don't lock, and just spin freely then the internal clutch is broken and you need a new impeller.  Once you've cleaned it up (gently with warm water and an old toothbrush) you need to check the barrel is still smooth with no scratches or scrapes.  If it isn't smooth, then it isn't safe to use- rough bits will cause friction, heat and damage to the pump if you continue to use it.

Will a new impeller fix the problem?

If you've taken your old impeller out and it is obviously broken then a new one might be the solution to getting your pump running again.  The first thing to check is that the impeller housing (the little tunnel that the metal barrel of the impeller slots into) isn't damaged - give it a good clean out with an old toothbrush or cotton bud and make sure the inside of that tunnel is still smooth.  If it looks or feels rough or has obvious damage or grooves then unfortunately a new impeller won't help you and you need a new pump.

If the impeller housing is clean and smooth, then it's worth trying a new impeller!  Now you just need to work out which one to order... There have been many different generations of pump even within the same model, so ideally look up the code for the impeller in your instruction manual to make sure you get the right one. Contact us if you need help with this.

Spare Part Code Fits Filtral Model
22647 Filtral UVC 1500

Filtral UVC 2500

Filtral UVC 3000


Filtral UVC 5000

Filtral UVC 6000

Filtral UVC 9000

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