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Marginal Plants

Sedges - Marginal and Bog Pond Plant- 9cm Pot

Sedges - Marginal and Bog Pond Plant- 9cm Pot
Sedges - Marginal and Bog Pond Plant- 9cm Pot
Sedges - Marginal and Bog Pond Plant- 9cm Pot
Sedges - Marginal and Bog Pond Plant- 9cm Pot
Sedges - Marginal and Bog Pond Plant- 9cm Pot
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Sedges - Marginal and Bog Pond Plant- 9cm Pot

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Sedges are wonderfully architectural grass-like plants that thrive in damp and wet conditions.  They are ideal for adding texture to the pond or bog garden and provide very good cover for wildlife at the water's edge.  They have tall spiky leaves which help dragonfly and damselfly nymphs climb out of the water when they're ready to emerge and for adults to climb down to lay eggs safely.  The delicate brown or black 'feathery' flowers grow from tall triangular-shaped stems.  All of them are happy planted in bog conditions, and most will thrive on a shallow marginal shelf where the water level is at the top of the pot.  If you need help choosing a variety, just ask and we'll be happy to talk you through our favourites!


Full Sun - the plant is happy to grow in full sun with no shade

Part Shade - the plant is happy to grow in a pond that is shaded for some of the day

Max Height - the plant can grow this tall after 5 years

Max Spread - the plant could spread sideways this far after 5 years

Bee Friendly - the plant flowers and attracts bees and other pollinators

Frog Friendly - the plant offers protection for underwater wildlife

Oxygenator - the plant has underwater leaves which add oxygen to the water

Flowers - the plant usually flowers in these months

UK Native - the plant is naturally found in Great Britain

Water Depth - how much water the plant can stand in


Our pond plants are available through the spring, summer and early-autumn months.  We have a wide selection of potted pond plants in stock to come and choose from, or you can order them through the website for collection or local delivery.  If you don't live locally, we can also post our pond plants out to you, but to survive the postal system they will need to be sent as a 'bare root' plant, which means we send them to you without the pot and compost.  If you need pots and compost, you can order them separately!


We have a rolling selection of pond plants which changes day-by-day as stock arrives and sells out.  For an up-to-date list of what we have in stock before you order, check our POND PLANT STOCK list or contact us.  If you place an order for something we don't have, we'll get in touch straight away to give you the option of substituting for something else, waiting for the next shipment to arrive, or cancelling your order.  

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