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Filter Pumps

Satellite Strainer Filter OASE

Satellite Strainer Filter OASE

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The Satellite Filter Aquamax Eco is compatible with any of the Aquamax Eco Premium, Twin and Expert pumps that have the optional second inlet.  Connecting the Satellite to the pump means water can be drawn in from two places in the pond at once: directly through the pump housing and through the satellite.  This gives you extra circulation and reduces the chance of ‘dead spots’ in the pond where debris could build up and affect the water quality. 

These pumps are also compatible with a surface skimmer which keeps the pond surface free from floating debris (leaves, duckweed, uneaten food etc), so if you think your pond needs extra help on the surface then a skimmer might be a better option for you.

How much hose do you need?  This will be a compromise between installing it as far from the pump as possible to get the best circulation in the pond, and not making the hose so long that the pump has to work too hard to draw water through it.  The longer the hose, the harder it is to pull water through (think how hard it is to suck water up one of those long party straws!) so we wouldn't recommend using a hose longer than 5m for best results.  As always with filter systems, use the largest size of hosing to get the best flow rate.

Technical Information:

Dimensions (L x W x H) 370 mm x 260 mm x 100 mm
Strainer Size 11mm
Outlet Connection [1" »  1¼" »  1½" ] Multi-stage Hose-tail
Unit Weight 0.45 Kg
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