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Reducing Hose Menders

Reducing Hose Menders

Reducing Hose Menders

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We have range of hose connectors and menders to ensure leak-proof connections on all standard pond hose.  These all have push-fit barbed hosetails to fit inside standard corrugated and smooth-bore flexible hose, but we recommend you use clips to secure the connection.

Which style to choose?

Reducing Menders let you connect two pipes that are different sizes to each other.  It is recommended that you don't step up or step down any more than one hose size as it can really restrict the flow and cause back-pressure on your pump and filter system, which can in turn cause leaks or over-heating of the pump.

We also sell...

Straight Menders, which offer a straight connection between two hoses of the same size.  This is the most common fitting needed if you are extending a length of hose (e.g. you have moved your filter further from the pond and need longer hose) or are repairing/replacing a section that has been damaged (e.g. when you are digging and put your fork through it!)

Hosetail Ebows allow you to connect two hoses of the same size but at a 90o right-angle so you can turn a corner neatly.  Using elbows will really slow down the water-flow (think of how fast a car can drive round a sweeping bend rather than a right-angle) so only use elbows at low pressure if possible.

What size?

The measurement here is the diameter of the OUTSIDE of the connector, so you choose a size that matches the INSIDE diameter of your flexible hose.  If you need help choosing, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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