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Pond Pumps

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Which Pump?  We have a range of pumps for every project! 

Feature Pumps are best for water features where you have fairly clean water in a reservoir and are sending water to a statue or drilled rock.

Fountain Pumps give you a plug-and-play pump with fountain nozzles to give you a decorative jet or spray and need to be in clean but shallow water. 

Filter Pumps are the work-horses of the pond pump world: powerful and no-nonsense to send mucky water to a filter or waterfall. 

Floating Pumps are an easy solution for a fountain effect in deep water. 

Air Pumps sit on dry land and pump air into the pond for extra oxygen and to give a fizzy bubbling effect. They also stop the surface freezing in icy weather.

Solar Pumps are powered and charged by the sun.  The smallest ones need direct sunlight to work but larger models in the range have battery back-up and storage so they can work even when the clouds roll in.