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Pond Plants

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A healthy natural pond should have about 70-80% of its total area covered in plants.  This can (and should!) be a mix of underwater plants to add oxygen, floating plants to give surface-cover and marginal plants in the shallow areas at the edge.  Plants are a vital habitat and food source for all sorts of wildlife - the more plants you have, the more visitors you'll attract!

Don’t get too hung up on measuring water depth with a tape measure and poring over every plant label—all the potted 'bog' and 'marginal' plants we sell will be happy if the water level is where the pebbles on the top of the pot are, so if you want to keep things simple you can just plant all your bog and marginal pond plants at this depth!  Oxygenators all go under the water: anywhere from just below the surface to about 30cm under is fine for most of them.

There are hundreds to choose from - ask us to show you our favourites if you're struggling to decide!