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Pond Liners

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What is pond liner?  

Pond liner is the waterproof layer in your pond that stops the water from draining away.  There are different styles to choose from at a range of prices.  A good liner is waterproof (obviously!) but also UV-stable so it doesn't perish or degrade in sunlight over time.  Many people try to economise and use builders sheeting or tarpaulins, but these really won't last long out in the elements.

Which one to choose?

The most popular choice is the PVC - a sturdy plastic sheet 0.5mm thick with a 15 year guarantee.  It comes pre-cut to popular sizes and we keep most of them in stock.  It is easy to install and relatively cheap - an ideal choice for most garden ponds. 

Rubber-based liners are the next step up in cost and quality with a 20 year guarantee.  SEALECO (Greenseal) is our best-seller - a strong but flexible EPDM material which is easy to fold around irregular pond shapes and awkward contours.  It is available in a range of sizes and two thicknesses: 0.75mm and 1.0mm.  Firestone PondGard is a more heavy-duty EPDM liner and Butyl rubber takes the durability-crown with a lifetime guarantee.  All of the rubber liners are available for us to order in within a few days - ask if you would like a quote.

Pre-formed ponds are made of PVC or HDPE; a semi-rigid UV-stable plastic container moulded into different shapes and sizes to form a 'plug and play' pond.  It can be a bit fiddly to install them as it's trial-and-error digging exactly the right shape and size hole, but otherwise an easy choice.

What size?

We can help you work out what size liner to buy, but while you're at the planning stage it's worth thinking about whether you want fish or not: if you make your pond too small then fish are a non-starter.  For goldfish to live safely, you need a minimum depth of 60cm in at least 1 third of the pond, and you need 500 litres of water per adult goldfish.  Picture your bath tub: that would hold 200 litres, and the water depth is about 40cm, so you would need a pond at least twice that for just one goldfish.  Yes, really!