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Pond Cleaning

Pond Cleaning Blanketweed Rake

Pond Cleaning Blanketweed Rake

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A handy gadget for trawling out overgrown oxygenating plants and blanketweed!  Soft plastic tines ensure there's no damage to your PVC or rubber liner.

When is best to use it?

Apart from the obvious spring clean and autumn tidy-up, it's good for oxygenating plants to be thinned out roughly once a month through the growing season.  Trim off roughly a third of the oldest growth, leaving the freshest shoots to regrow.  This reboots the plant into growing strongly, which means it uses up more nutrients (competing with algae) and adds more oxygen to the water.

Top Tip!

Check the offcuts carefully for stowaway critters like hoglice, dragonfly nymphs and froglets - aways leave the plants next to the pond edge to drain for 24 hours to let the wildlife make its way safely back into the water.

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