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Plant Food+ Fertiliser AQUADIP

Plant Food+  Fertiliser AQUADIP

Plant Food+ Fertiliser AQUADIP

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This is excellent value for money - we use it weekly in our shop plant stock tanks.  It is a complete fertiliser containing vital micro and macro nutrients to ensure healthy and lush plant growth.  The range of minerals include iron, potassium, magnesium, ammonium, boron, copper, lithium, manganese, iodine, tin, nickel, cobalt and all the trace elements needed for vigorous plant growth. 

Many aquatic plants absorb nutrients through their leaves as well as their root system, so a liquid fertiliser is an ideal way to effortlessly target-feed your plants.

The more healthy the plants, the more efficient they are at using excess nutrients in the aquarium and competing with algae: healthy plants = no algae!  There are no nitrates or phosphates in Plant Food+ so it does not cause algae growth.  Completely safe for your shrimp and snails.

Dose: 5ml per 50 litres once a week initially.  In a mature tank where plants are mostly slow-growing varieties with lower fertiliser demand you can safely reduce the dose to 5ml per 100 litres.

100ml treats 1000 litres

250ml treats 2500 litres

500ml treats 5000 litres

1 litre treats 10,000 litres

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