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Mini Algae Wafers FISH SCIENCE

Mini Algae Wafers FISH SCIENCE

Mini Algae Wafers FISH SCIENCE

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Fish Science Mini Algae Wafers - a quality sinking wafer complete food suitable for all smaller bottom-feeding algae-eaters.  It is specially formulated with garlic, Omega 3 oils and Beta Glucans to promote health and long-life.  Added natural Spirulina algae, cucumber, alfalfa and spinach for a balanced plant-rich diet.  Slow to dissolve to encourage grazing behaviour.

The Fish Science foods have replaced all or most of the fish protein found in most fish foods with insect meal.  This makes it closer to their natural diet and therefore easier to digest, which causes less waste: better water quality for the fish and less maintenance for you!


Protein 42%,
Oil 7.5%,
Fibre 2.2%,
Ash 8.5%,
Moisture 10%


Vitamin A 25,000IU/kg,
Vitamin D3 1,400 IU/kg,
Vitamin C 420mg/kg,
Vitamin E 90mg/kg


Algae (Spirulina & Kelp 15%), Mycoprotein, Cereals, Herring meal, Vegetable protein extracts, Insect meal, Vegetables (Cucumber, Spinach), Molluscs and crustaceans, Yeast, Salmon oil and Garlic.

Eco-Friendly Insect Meal

The insect meal protein source is from cultured Black Soldier Flies which are fed on waste fruit, vegetables and organic leftovers.  The process causes 10x lower emissions compared to protein sourced from the livestock rearing industry.  Insect meal is a more environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to feeding, and the fish love it!

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