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Marginal Plants

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What are Marginal Plants?

These are plants that would be found growing on the margins or edges of rivers and lakes, and as a general rule they like "wet roots and dry leaves" so you place their pots on the shallow shelves of your pond so the roots are submerged but the leaves are above the water line.  Most plants adapt well to changing conditions (they have evolved to cope with floods and droughts).  They can often cope with having the bottom of their stems and lower leaves underwater, but NOT if they’ve already started their growing season with the leaves and stems above the water line. If your shelf is deeper than the pot you’ve bought, you have a choice of jacking up the pot on bricks etc. for the rest of this year so the plant can crack on with growing in the same conditions we’ve started it off in, or placing the pot lower and accepting that there will be a ‘sulking period’ while the plant sheds leaves and adjusts to the new semi-submerged position. This is also the case if you’re moving a plant from a submerged position to a higher shelf: leaves that were previously underwater will wither and drop off and the plant will grow new leaves after week or so. Clever stuff!


We have a rolling selection pf pond plants which changes day-by-day as stock arrives and sells out.  For an up-to-date list of what we have in stock before you order, check our POND PLANT STOCK list or contact us.  If you place an order for something we don't have, we'll get in touch to give you the option of substituting for something else, waiting for the next shipment to arrive, or cancelling your order.  


Our pond plants are available through the spring, summer and early-autumn months.  We have a wide selection of potted pond plants in stock to come and choose from, or you can order them through the website for collection or local delivery.  If you don't live locally, we can also post our pond plants out to you, but to survive the postal system they will need to be sent as a 'bare root' plant, which means we send them to you without the pot and compost.  If you need pots and compost, you can order them separately here!