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Juwel Filter Media

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The Juwel Bioflow filters come as standard with all the media you need to get started, but they are customisable if you find you are having a particular problem or just want belt-and-braces to prevent a problem.  As a quick tour of the options (a=essential basics  = optional extra):

abioPad - fine filter wool for the top layer

abioCarb - carbon foam for absorbing toxins and keeping the water clear

aNitrax - nitrate removal sponge

abioPlus coarse - coarse foam for catching and breaking down waste

abioPlus fine - fine foam for catching and breaking down waste

?  Amorax - active Zeolite to remove ammonia

?  Cirax - chunks of ceramic media for extra biological filtration

?  Carbax - granular carbon for more efficient removal of toxins

?  Phorax - granules to remove phosphate and prevent algae

If you're fighting an algae problem, you'll need Nitrax to remove the nitrate and Phorax to reduce phosphate.  If your water is dyed brown from the tannin in bogwood or tinted with a chemical after using a medicine, use Carbax.  Talk to us if you need help!