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Hose Clips

Hose Clips

Hose Clips

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We have a range of double-wire and steel hose clips to ensure leak-proof connections on all standard pond hose.

Which style to choose?

Double-wire Hose Clips give an adjustable double grip for a tight, leak-proof seal on corrugated pond hose.  They tighten in the flexible inner-contours rather than around the outer spine, so they are the best choice for most spiral-bound tubing.

The old-school Stainless Steel "Jubilee Clip" or "metal CirClip" are more sturdy and longer-lasting but are better suited to smooth-bore tubing or the deluxe pond hose which has a thicker wall and smoother ridges.

What size?

The measurements given are effectively the 'middle setting' of each clip - they are all adjustable with a screwdriver to tighten or loosen a little either side of their official size.  As the clips go on the outside of the hose, the measurement is the diameter of the INSIDE of the clip but the OUTSIDE measurement of the hose.  If you need help choosing, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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