Help yourself to our info leaflets - you are welcome to download and use them at home or for educational purposes.  If you need extra help with anything, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best - we were all beginners when we started out and we remember how confusing things seem at times!  We have access to all sorts of aquatic experts within our trade and can get you more technical help if your question has us out of our depth...

Aquarium Advice

GETTING STARTED - what you need and why for setting up a fish tank

AVOIDING PROBLEMS - general tips and tricks for feeding and cleaning

SOLVING PROBLEMS - why you test water and how to correct any problems

PREVENTING ALGAE - tips for growing healthy plants and avoiding/dealing with algae

COLDWATER FISH - a guide to what you need for temperate and coldwater fish

MOVING HOME - how to move a fish tank safely

GRAVEL CLEANER GUIDE - how to use one without losing your temper!

INTRODUCING NEW FISH - how to acclimatise new fish to your tank and help with illness and stress

QUICK FISH GUIDE - which fish should you keep?

Pond Advice

POND CARE - General advice on looking after a garden pond

POND CALENDAR - What to do with your pond throughout the year

POND ALGAE - preventing and dealing with algae in a pond

POND PLANTS - a guide to choosing and caring for pond plants

POND PLANT CARE - how to acclimatise and re-pot new pond plants

BUILD A POND - how to build an ornamental pond

WILDLIFE PONDS - how to plan and build a wildlife pond

PREDATOR PREVENTION - how to protect your pond fish from predators

LEAKING PONDS - what to do if your pond is losing water