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Grey Quartz Gravel

Grey  Quartz Gravel

Grey Quartz Gravel

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Our 1.2-2mm Pigmented Grey Quartz Gravel is perfect for the planted aquarium - the small grain size is ideal for root development and will not allow detritus to enter and clog the substrate.  Safe and suitable for all species of catfish and loaches.  The the particles are naturally rounded and won't damage barbels or delicate root systems.

The gravel has been carefully washed, dried and graded in the factory but we would always advise rinsing it before you first add it to your aquarium to avoid any clouding of the water.  Quartz is chemically inert and stable and will not affect your pH level or other water parameters.  The resin coating is also stable and non-toxic so it is completely safe for use in any aquarium.

How much do you need?

As a rough guide, a 4.5Kg bag of Quartz gravel will cover an area of approximately 30cm x 30cm at the recommended depth for plants of 5cm.  Contact us if you need help working out how much you need.

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