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Floating Plants

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Floating plants are the icing on the cake for finishing your pond planting.  They usually have leaves that spread across the surface and roots dangling down loose into the water, which mean they help combat algae by blocking sunlight and absorbing excess nutrients from the water.  They provide vital shelter and breeding sites for aquatic wildlife and the flowers attract pollinators.

TOP TIP! They often don't fare well with fast water flow -they are at the mercy of the current so can all end up pushed to one end (so if this is an issue you can get creative with anchoring/tethering them). They also don't like water splashing on them directly - the leaves can get waterlogged and sink or the flowers close up - try not to position them under a fountain or waterfall.

If floating plants aren't an option for you, there are several 'trailing plants' that are based in a pot on your marginal shelf but send leaves and stems across the surface, which is still excellent cover for wildlife.   Ask us for recommendations - we have plenty of favourites!