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Ferropol 24 Daily Fertiliser JBL

Ferropol 24 Daily Fertiliser JBL

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​​​​​​​This is one of our favourites- excellent value for money!  This tiny 50ml bottle treats 50,000 litres! It is daily fertiliser to provide a stable dose of all vital trace elements needed for vigorous plant growth.  This avoids the stop-start growth patterns of less regular fertilising schedules where nutrients run out and plants have to pause their growth or even shed leaves to conserve energy.

Many aquatic plants absorb nutrients through their leaves as well as their root system, so a liquid fertiliser is an ideal way to effortlessly target-feed your plants.

The more healthy the plants, the more efficient they are at using excess nutrients in the aquarium and competing with algae: healthy plants = no algae!  There are no nitrates or phosphates in Ferropol so it does not cause algae growth.

Dose: 1 drop per day per 50 litres.

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