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We care about the environment and are doing what we can to combat climate change.  We recycle and reuse as much packaging as possible and have on-site cardboard and plastic baling machines so what we can't reuse is taken away for recycling.  Our display and stock tanks are now all lit by low-energy LED light units, and our shop lighting is in the process of being upgraded to LED tiles.

Used fish bags: we are happy to recycle your used fish transport bags if you don't have the option to recycle them at home - just bring them in with you on your next visit and we'll either reuse or recycle them for you.

Eco-Friendly Products

Products in this category are either natural and environmentally-friendly in how they work, or the company who makes them are walking a sustainable and ethical path. 

JBL is committed to operating in an environmentally friendly way - they are keen to emphasise that the fish protein in their foods is responsibly and sustainably sourced, and that they only use fish meat left over from fish fillet production, so no fish are caught for JBL food.  They are actively against harvesting endangered fish stocks, their factory is roofed in solar panels and they are moving to make their packaging recyclable, with refill packs available to reduce waste and emissions from transport.
Fish Science is a British company who have replaced all or most of the fish protein found in most fish foods with insect meal.  This makes it closer to their natural diet and therefore easier to digest, which causes less waste: better water quality for the fish and less maintenance for you!  The insect meal protein source is from cultured Black Soldier Flies which are fed on waste fruit, vegetables and organic leftovers.  The process causes 10x lower emissions compared to protein sourced from the livestock rearing industry.  Insect meal is a more environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to feeding, and the fish love it!
NT Labs is also a UK-based manufacturer. Their foods are palm oil free and certified by the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation (IFFO).  They have had a sustainability audit on their packaging materials to ensure that as much as possible is recyclable.  They have reduced the amount of plastic shrink-wrap used for securing products and increased the amount of products packed into each box for shipping.  This reduces the amount of cardboard boxes needed, and makes better use of space in the shipping containers, which in turn means less carbon emissions from transport.  All brochures and promotional material is printed on FSC paper with water-based ink.  For more information on their mission to reduce their carbon footprint, read their article on Plastic Pollution.