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CO2 Kits

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Why will a CO2 kit help with the plants?

Aquatic plants need Carbon Dioxide (CO2) dissolved in the water to grow and thrive.  In the wild, CO2 is constantly produced when mud and detritus at the bottom of lakes and rivers is broken down by bacteria.   In an aquarium there is not enough naturally occurring CO2 to sustain healthy plant growth.  Your tap water has been thoroughly aerated when you ran it from the tap and then by your aquarium filter, and is so saturated with oxygen even before it enters your tank that it can't carry much CO2.  Adding a CO2 kit allows you to inject measured doses of CO2 into the aquarium to give plants optimum growing conditions and prevent algae growth.

Safe and easy!
The kits are all very easy to install and safe to use.  They have regulator valves to stop you accidentally overdosing the tank with  CO2 and all come with a 4 year guarantee.  We're happy to talk you through the systems over the phone or in the shop (if you visit you can see ours in action on our display tank).  We refill the 'm' range of refillable bottles (and Dennerle Classic-Line bottles) in house while you wait, but check before you come that one of us is able to do it on the day.