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Bog Plants

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Potted or bare?

For local collection and delivery, we sell these plants in pots with aquatic compost from the £4.95 range above.  If you're not lucky enough to live within 30 miles of Knaresborough, we can post any of the plants to you as a 'bare root' plant, so add your choices to the cart from the BARE ROOT list at £3.95 each.  If you need pots and compost sending with your order, you can add them here.  

What is a bog plant?

These plants are naturally found in marshy areas or stream banks where the soil is kept damp by water constantly seeping through the ground.  In a garden they are perfect for those areas of soil that are always soggy, or  for a purpose-made 'bog garden' (where you line a flower bed with a waterproof membrane but pierce some holes in for slow drainage).  In the wild, the environment they live in changes through the year - sometimes a period of hot weather will dry out  the soil for a few weeks, or heavy rain will flood the ground.  They can also go on the shallowest ledge of your pond, so long as the water level doesn't get above the 'crown' of the plant (where the stem meets the roots) - so aim to have "wet roots, dry leaves" and you can't go far wrong! The plants are usually quite happy to adapt to changing conditions - they might 'sulk' and shed a few leaves but will bounce back after a couple of weeks - have faith!

 How to choose?

The plants are sorted into categories to help you choose by 'style' - do you want something tall and thin to hide a filter system?  Or low and 'spready' to disguise pond liner edging?  Or something that will encourage bees and pollinators?  Ask us if you need help!