These are the aquarium plants we have in stock this week.  We receive weekly plant deliveries and our new plants are unpacked, settled and looking at their best on a weekend.  If you're looking for Pond Plants, have a look at our Pond Plants Stock List.

BUNCHED PLANTS - £2.25 each or 5 for £10 or 10 for £19

Scientific Name Common Name Temperature Range Max. Height In Stock =
Alternanthera sessilis Dwarf Copper Leaf 18-25oC 50cm
Ammannia senagalensis Copper Leaf Ammania 22-30oC 40cm
Bacopa caroliniana Lemon Bacopa 15-26oC 40cm
Cabomba piauhyensis Red Cabomba 22-28oC 50cm+
Ceratopteris thailictroides Indian Fern 22-28oC 30cm+
Cryptocoryne sp. Pot Luck Crypt 22-28oC 20cm
Echinodorus sp. Pot Luck Sword 22-28oC 20-50cm
Echinodorus paniculatus Amazon Sword 22-28oC 60cm
Eusteralis stellata Water Star 22-28oC 40cm
Heteranthera zosterifolia Water Stargrass 22-28oC 50cm
Hydrocotyle leucocephala Brazilian Water Ivy 20-28oC 60cm
Hygrophila angustifolia Willow Hygro 22-28oC 35cm
Hygrophilia angustifolia 'Red' Red Willow Hygro 22-28oC 35cm
Hygrophila corymbosa Temple Plant 22-28oC 45cm
Hygrophila difformis Indian Water Wisteria 22-28oC 55cm
Hygrophila polysperma Dwarf Hygro 18-28oC 50cm
Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig' Sunset Hygrophila 18-28oC 35cm
Limnophila sessiliflora 'Ambulia' Dwarf Ambulia 22-28oC 50cm
Lobelia cardinalis Red Lobelia 22-28oC 30cm+
Ludwigia mullertii Red Ludwigia 20-28oC 50cm+
Ludwigia palustris 'Red' Red Marsh Ludwigia 20-28oC 30cm+
Ludwigia perennis Red Water Primrose 22-28oC 40cm
Ludwigia repens Diamond Red Ludwigia 22-28oC 40cm
Lysimachia nummularia aurea Golden Creeping Jenny 15-22oC 45cm
Mayaca fluviatilis Stream Bogmoss 22-28oC 40cm
Rotala rotundifolia Pink Rotala 20-28oC 30cm+
Vallisneria americana Aisatica Giant Corkscrew Vallis 22-28oC 40cm
Vallisneria americana gigantea Giant Vallis 18-27oC 150cm
Vallisneria natans Needle Vallis 20-28oC 50cm
Vallisneria spiralis Straight Vallis 20-28oC 100cm
VAllisneria sprialis 'Red' Red Tiger Vallis 22-28oC 50cm
Vallisneria torta Corkscrew Vallis 22-28oC 50cm

POTTED PLANTS - £3.50 each or 3 for £10

Scientific Name Difficulty Temperature Range Max. Height In Stock =
Alternanthera cardinalis Hard 22-28oC 45cm
Cryptocoryne balansae Easy 22-28oC 40cm
Cryptocoryne costata Easy 22-28oC 15cm
Cryptocoryne parva Medium 22-28oC 10cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii Easy 22-28oC 20cm
Echinodorus argentinensis Easy 18-28oC 60cm
Echinodorus barthii Easy 18-28oC 25cm
Echinodorus uruguayensis Medium 22-28oC 50cm
Eleocharis acicularis Easy 15-25oC 20cm
Hemianthus callitrichoides Medium 22-28oC 3cm
Lilaeopsis novea-zelandia Easy 20-28oC 8cm
Ludwigia sp. Mini Super Red Medium 22-28oC 30cm
Pogostemon erectus Medium 22-28oC 40cm
Pogostemon helferi Medium 18-28oC 10cm
Staurogyne bihar Easy 22-28oC 20cm

POTTED PLANTS - £6 each or 3 for £15

Scientific Name Difficulty Temperature Range Max. Height In Stock =
Anubias barteri Easy 22-28oC 45cm
Anubias congensis Easy 24-28oC 50cm
Anubias nana Easy 22-28oC 10cm
Aponogeton ulvaceus Medium 20-28oC 70cm
Microsorium pteropus Narrow Easy 22-28oC 30cm
Microsorium pteropus 'Javafern' Easy 22-28oC 50cm
Microsorium pteropus 'Windelov' Easy 22-28oC 30cm
Nymphaea Tiger Lotus Green Medium 22-28oC 50cm
Nymphaea Tiger Lotus Red Medium 22-28oC 50cm