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AquaBasis plus Substrate Fertiliser JBL

AquaBasis plus Substrate  Fertiliser JBL

AquaBasis plus Substrate Fertiliser JBL

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This is long-term fertiliser that you add as a layer under your gravel when you first set the tank up.  It contains vital minerals like iron, calcium and potassium as well as the trace elements needed for vigorous plant growth.  Nutrients are stored in clay compounds and released over time for at least 5 years.

Many of the deep-rooted aquatic plants absorb nutrients through their root system, so a substrate fertiliser is an ideal way to effortlessly target-feed your plants for years without having to lift a finger (or indeed get it wet).

The more healthy the plants, the more efficient they are at using excess nutrients in the aquarium and competing with algae: healthy plants = no algae! 


2.5  litre pack covers a 40-80cm area (e.g. a 40-120 litre tank)

5  litre pack covers a 60-100cm area (e.g. a 60-200 litre tank)

We recommend covering the AquaBasis with quartz gravel as it is a stable, practical and attractive gravel with an ideal particle size for growing healthy plants - explore the options in our gravel section.

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