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Air Pumps

AP Aquarium Air Pump BETTA

AP Aquarium Air Pump BETTA

AP Aquarium Air Pump BETTA

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The BETTA AP Air pump range gives you an energy-efficient and silent air pump to increase the oxygen levels in your aquarium.  This is particularly useful if you are adding medications that lower the oxygen level or if you need to boost the efficiency of your filter bacteria.

Which size to choose?

You need to pick one to match the volume of water in your tank as it needs to have the strength to push air bubbles all the way to the bottom of the tank against their natural urge to rush to the surface!  The deeper the water, the greater the pressure, so the bigger pump you need to make impressive bubbles!

  • AP-2000  - for up to 60 litres
  • AP-3500 - for up to 100 litres
  • AP-4500 - for up to 150 litres
  • AP-7500 - for up to 200 litres

What else do you need?

You'll need some air hose, a non-return valve (to stop water back-siphoning out of the tank if you have a power cut) and something to attach the hose to in the tank.  This could either be an airstone to make a "fizzy" effect, or an air-action ornament (e.g. a resin ornament with parts that move as the bubbles come through).

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