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Algae Treatments

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There are all sorts of natural and chemical additives available to help you keep your pond water clean and clear.  Some work by actively attacking algae cells, some by destroying the nutrients algae feeds on, and some by altering the water chemistry to tip the odds in the favour of your pond plants rather than algae.  We have tried and tested every one of the above, and only sell what we trust and believe in.  If you need help choosing the best one for you, get in touch.

Wildlife friendly?

All of the products we sell are safe for wildlife in so far as they won't directly harm aquatic life in your pond if you use them correctly.  Many of them have environmental warnings on the label (and some of them are quite dramatic!) along the lines of "harmful to the environment with long lasting effects" or "toxic to aquatic life" or "do not use when frogs and toads are spawning".  This often causes concern and confusion, but the warnings are there to make sure you use the product responsibly IN your pond and don't let it affect the wider environment, e.g. don't use it if your pond connects to a stream or river.  By killing algae, you remove an important part of the aquatic food chain, and obviously this would affect how many tadpoles are able to survive, which in turn would affect the frog population and then any predators relying on frogs as their food source.  So don't be daunted by the labels, just make sure you use the right dose in the right way at the right time!