About Us


Harrogate Aquatic (originally known as Tropica) was set up in 1989 and quickly established itself as a specialist aquatic centre. Since 2001 we have been selling planting equipment and aquarium plants on a nationwide basis. We are based within Moorland Nurseries garden centre between Harrogate and Knaresborough.

We stock a large variety of tropical and coldwater fish as well as aquarium plants and all the equipment and accessories from leading manufacturers.

We are also recognised as one of the UK's leading aquatic plant specialists. We are familiar with the Dennerle and JBL systems, which take all the guesswork out of growing aquarium plants, allowing you to create a beautiful, thriving underwater garden. 

During the Spring and Summer months our watergarden centre bursts into life with a tremendous selection of pond fish, pond plants, water lilies and young koi carp. We have 'working' ponds and water features on display and carry large stocks of pond pumps, filters, foods and medicines. 


We are a small, friendly and experienced team of enthusiastic aquarists who are passionate about fish-keeping. With many years of combined experience we have the expertise to offer you the very best support whether you're just starting out with the hobby or are after some more technical help.

We have specialists in every aspect of fish-husbandry, from basic set-ups to lushly planted biotopes; from elaborate garden ponds to naturally balanced wildlife pools and bog gardens. If you need help or advice - just ask!

LUKE AKROYD - Head Honcho (Director)

Favourite Quote: "I'm not not licking toads..." -  Homer Simpson

Specialist Areas:

  • Pond Equipment
  • Planted tanks - the technical stuff
  • Sarcasm

ALISON NEWSHAM - Deputy Honcho (Manager)

Favourite Quote: "Sometimes I'm nice... and sometimes I'm nasty" - Edmund Blackadder

Specialist Areas:

  • Aquascaping and Planted Tanks
  • Ponds Plants & Water Gardening  
  • Website, Marketing and Online Store
  • Pedantry

MATT DYSON - Aquatic Specialist
Favourite Quote: "The best day to set up a fish tank was yesterday; the next best day is today!" -Hugo

Specialist Areas:

  • Breeding Siamese Fighters
  • Shrimp tanks
  • Aquatic Photography
  • Aquarium & Pond Maintenance 
  • Being aspirational(!)

ETHAN JOHNSON - Limited Edition Sales Assistant
Favourite Quote: "Life is easier in the air" - Sully

Specialist Areas:

  • Oddball Tropical Fish
  • Breeding Fish
  • Falling over

Behind the scenes we also have help from Jeremy, Polly, Betsy, Henry, Annette, Shirley and Stanley.

Pet Shop Licence Holder: Luke Akroyd 01423 869590

Licence Number: LN/199300769